If you are looking for a delicious meal on a budget, then Applebee’s can be your option, and here you can enjoy half-price food items. Whether you are looking for a quick or late-night snack, this restaurant has got you covered, as they have a massive section of delicious appetizers and drinks.

This famous restaurant offers happy hour specials on drinks and appetizers twice daily. This makes it a perfect destination for hungry bargain hunters. You can get dinner with great discounts by sampling multiple appetizers, from classic favourites like mozzarella sticks and boneless wings to more unique offerings like quesadillas, artichoke dip, spinach, and more. With this, you can relax by enjoying delicious food at this restaurant.

What is Applebee’s Happy Hours?

It is a special promotion that gives customers heavy discounts on drinks and appetizers twice a day. During this time, customers can enjoy popular drinks and appetizers at only half the rate, making it a perfect opportunity to try mouth-watering offerings without breaking bank accounts.

When is Happy Hour at Applebee’s?

If you want to take advantage of Happy Hours at Applebee’s, planning your visit at the right time is necessary. Every day, you can enjoy happy hours at Applebee’s. Ithappens in two specific periods, i.e., from 3 pm to 6 pm and from 9 pm till closing.

During this period, customers can avail 50% off on selected drinks (cocktails,wines and beers) and appetizers. Due to these exceptional deals, you can plan a particular time with friends and family.

However, it is necessary to check the happy hour’s menu and timing on its official website as the same may vary from location to location. So checking its official website will provide you with the correct information.

Applebee’s Happy Hours Menu

Below is the list of popular items served during Happy Hours’ time at Applebee’s.

  • Caesar salad
  • House Salad
  • Buffalo chicken sliders
  • Classic burger sliders
  • Wonton tacos
  • Sriracha shrimp
  • Chicken tenders
  • Nachos
  • Quesadillas
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Boneless wings

It is mandatory to note that these menu items may vary from one location to another during Happy Hours’ time. So make sure to check the website of Applebee’s for every location before visiting, as it will provide you with the correct idea of what you will get during happy hours atApplebee’s at your location.

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Which appetizers are half off during happy hours?

If you are searching for an affordable and delicious way to satisfy your hunger, you should try Applebee’s happy hour menu. You can enjoy multiple popular dishes at 50% off during this time. It also includes the restaurant’s most beloved dishes.

Among various delicious options, spinach, artichoke dip, and Mozzarella sticks will surely please veggie fans and cheese lovers.

But if you want something with a kick, you should go for boneless Wings and Chicken Quesadilla.

Another thing that should be on your plate is Breadsticks with Alfredo sauce. It is warm, soft, full of flavours, and perfect for any occasion.

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