Introduction: BYJUS is the greatest app that is used to learn new things smartly. This is the most amazing app for children who are love to listen to online classes in a smart or easy way. The teachers are very highly talented and effective communication skills with children. it was developed by byju Raveendran for better world in smart way . why because towards children’s are tomorrow citizens.

Do you know what is BYJUS means?

BYJUS means it is a learning app through the India educational technology for online tutoring nothing but online classes simply. it was founded by Raveendran in 2011, this is a very conditional app for the user’s better experiences.BYJUS is a very easy-to-operate learning app and this is accepted by the whole world. this available on both mobiles & desktop etc.

Facts about the BYJUS app for pc:

 This app will takes you another level or mainly peak stages that you can fell the enjoy classes while listening in online. Now can subscribe to the classes for payments and for your convenient time it will provides better video quality . you explore your ideas with your own learned knowledge by the help of BYJUS. This very useful for our daily life and mainly this is a peacefully platform learn new things with smart ideas & smart learning .

How to install BYUJS in the android and IOS:

 1: Go to the play store in android mobiles and go to apple store on IOS these are the two software are working the mobiles.

2: Type BYJUS name in the search bar.

3: click on the install option & it started download automatically.

4: We have login with user id and password before going to use it we have to create a account with proper mobiles numbers & E-mail id etc.

5: Then we need to choose our topics for free time to attend the classes.

6: Although we maintain a timing but, we also create proper communication with the teaching facility .

How to use the BYJUS app for pc:

The first step of this app you have to install or download the application and it installed automatically. once you installed the BYJUS app for your home screen to get started . create your account by the entering you details like names, mobile number , E-mail id etc. it offers the educational content for school from 1 to 12 I.e primary to higher education level students . this app will be training each and every students will equal manner, it supports mainly trains for all competitive exams throughout in India such as IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS as well as international examinations also.

Advantages of Byju`s app for studying children:

  1. These types majorly increase the way of thinking of an individual child.
  2. Random teachers will teach in different to make the students understand the concept easily.
  3. They will tech with the help of pictures and videos which help the children to remember for a long time.
  4. No ideal kid will be left behind any one each and every student will be treated in the same way.
  5. No work is delayed and will be completed in the given time.
  6. The biggest benefits of BYUJS app . At a lower cost it provides quality educations for all peoples.
  7. This is very cheaper app when, we compare with others one.
  8. The school students can learn by seeing online classes anytime and any where.
  9. People will learn with joy funning learning.
  10. The professor is very qualified one. the BYJUS will always choose the best of best.
  11. .

Disadvantages of BYUJS app for pc:

  1. It will be totally based on money purposes not for free.
  2. Continuously if, we watch the desktop screen or mobile defiantly our eyes will be affected.
  3. Once the younger people or children are addicted then they always want to use the mobile.
  4. The professor will talk with us in very posh English that some children were difficult to understand the topics clearly.
  5. It requires the monthly payments if, not we delayed in payment issues they automatically stop the online class.
  6. All are settled in the financial way so, good in this some people will not good in the financial matter.

How to use the BYJUS app:

BYJUS app free access the content for limited for 15 days to the register , the main products mobile app BYUJS app launched only for children’s education development. It was created by think and learn . this fonder by Raveendran in 2011 the teachers were trained in this app very special base for all others apps. this teaches all primary , secondary and higher education people also the company will trains students in India will academic way & it provides quality information topics like IIT-JEE , NEET, CAT , IAS as well as international examinations’.

The main theme in byjus is that mathematics why, because today competitive exams are based on mathematics only so these concepts will explain very Clear in within 12 to 20mintes this has totally happened with the BYJUS app only.

Features of the BYJUS app for pc:

    The features will according to your chosen classes session. they are

  • Online classes.
  • Videos classes ( already save content in the SD card).
  • The professor will tech you personal for better experiences by users.
  • The syllabus copies and reading document they will provides us personally as per your timing classes.
  • This will unlimited practice .
  • It provides individual attention to each and every children who are attending the online classes.


The main objectives of BYJUS company are that every children should reach their goals in easy way and to development smart thinking skills. it perhaps most important reasons success is placing the education teaching skills a head of technology. At last this is a wonderful app for the person who wants to study by sitting at home only.

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