People used to have different preferences as per their liking of breakfast. For a few, breakfast is a big deal and they want to grab a healthiest and most nutrition full breakfast, whereas few people don’t even do breakfast.

If you are among their first open, then you would surely know the importance of getting breakfast as its impact on your health.

Spangles has been the best and most famous dining spot for multiple years, and it is also famous for its overall food experience and ambience.

And if you are a Native American, then you are definitely going to love the food offered by this restaurant. It is considered the best food to kick starts your day. The food items included in the breakfast are the healthiest and yummiest you can ever try.

Breakfast timing at Spangles

The restaurant starts serving its breakfast at 7.00 AM, which is a bit late, but this time has got a thumbs up from lots of people. It’s only because they wake up late. So, obviously, this is the good news for the late birds. You can wake up at 7 AM, and still, you will be having a good time enjoying the special breakfast offered by Spangles as they stop serving their breakfast at 11 AM.

Spangles breakfast items with price

Breakfast club on pita American cheese, bacon, eggs and pita bread ham $3.49 $5.59
Breakfast platter Eggs, bacon or sausage, butter–toasted bagel and hash browns $3.99
Bacon breakfast bowl Bacon, eggs, hash browns and gravy $3.99
Cinnamon and sugar mini doughnuts Vanilla icing, doughnuts, sugar mini and cinnamon $2.69
Sausage breakfast bowls Hash brown and gravy, eggs, sausage $3.99
Ultimate bagel American and Swiss cheese, butter-toasted bagel, bacon, eggs, ham $3.69 $5.79
Bagel, egg and cheese American and Swiss cheese, bacon and egg $2.29 $4.59
Fiesta breakfast bowl Jalapenos, tomatoes, eggs, hash browns, eggs and cheese $3.99
Bagel, egg and cheese with sausage or bacon Swiss or American cheese with bacon or sausage served on a butter toasted bagel and eggs. $3.09 $5.29
French toast sticks Maple syrup on five French toast. $3.69
Sourdough ham and cheese omelette American or Swiss cheese on a butter toasted bagel, ham and eggs. $2.99 $4.99
Ooey gooey cinnamon packs Maple syrup, cinnamon glaze, vanilla icing, 3 buttermilk $3.99
Sourdough bacon, cheese and egg Eggs, bacon, sourdough, American or Swiss cheese $2.99 $4.99
Sourdough egg, cheese and sausage Sourdough, cheese, eggs and American or Swiss cheese $2.99 $4.99
Pancakes 3 buttermilk pancakes along with maple syrup $3.49
Sourdough egg and steak American and Swiss cheese, sourdough, onion, green pepper and thinly sliced Philly steak $3.79 $5.99
Egg, cheese and sausage on pita Chopped sausage, egg, American cheese, butter, toasted pita bread $3.49 $5.79
Hash brown nuggets Just simple, yummy nuggets S – $1.79
M – $2.09
L – $2.69
Breakfast burger Steakburger patty, hash brown, nuggets, eggs, bacon, American cheese, and ketchup served on a butter toasted gourmet bun $5.49 $7.89
Pancake breakfast bowl Pancakes, eggs, sausage served with butter and maple syrup $3.99


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Kids menu

Chicken strip 2 premium chicken strips, fries, one Oreo Kreme sandwich and a drink $3.29 $4.99
Hamburger or grilled cheese Hamburger or grilled cheese, fries, Oreo Kreme sandwich and drink $3.99



Fountain drinks 20 Oz: $1.79
32 Oz: $2.19
44 Oz: $2.99
100% pure orange juice slush S: $1.79
M: $2.19
L: $2.99
Iced coffee S: $2.19
M: $3.19
L: $4.19
Coffee (premium roast) S: $1.49
L: $1.79
Milk $1.49
Bottled water $1.79
Bag of ice $1.89

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