If you are considering a stay at Residence Inn Breakfast and are curious about its breakfast details then you may be wondering what to anticipate. So, here is a complete guide for you.

Is breakfast at residence Inn free?

Yes, the residence Inn breakfast is always included in your package so you do not have to pay anything extra.

What you can expect with Residence Inn breakfast?

You will be pleased to know that the properties of this hotel often provides the breakfast spread which goes beyond the basics of the simple continental breakfast.

The typical Residence Inn Breakfast us a buffet style and allow you to savour a variety of offerings.

Residence Inn normally offers a comfortable and inviting breakfast area where you can easily enjoy your meal.

Most of the locations of Residence Inn also offer spacious dining area along with cozy seating arrangements which also includes a TV screen so that you can catch up with latest weather forecast or news in the morning.

Also, if you do not wish to eat breakfast out with everyone or if you are struggling to find an open table then you can also take your food to yoru room and can enjoy there peacefully.

Breakfast hours of Residence Inn

Typically breakfast at Residence Inn begins at 6 am and last until 9 am. However it may vary from location to location. So it is recommended to check the timing of your local property.

What will be included in the breakfast of Residence Inn?

Residence Inn Breakfast offers an assortment of both hot and cold breakfast.

Under cold options you can expect the selection of bagels, mussins/pastries and croissants. The specific types of pastry may vary based on the property.

Condiments like jelly and various butter options will also be available for yoru bread. For toasting your bagel or bread, a four slotted toaster is aslo provided.

Additionally you can also enjoy range of cereals like riceKrispies, froot loops, cheerios, frosted flakes etc.

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These cereals are in multiple forms including individual sealed plastic bowls, individual boxes etc. Along with cereals you will get a choice of skim milk or the whole milk.

You can also enjoy some fresh fruits and yogurt, but the quality and variety of food may vary.

Another staple which you can enjoy is Oatmeal. It may come in a huge container or an individual packs like apple cinnamon or plain.

Often time you also have a lot of condiments to select from which can be things like chocolate chips, nuts, brown sugar etc.

Hot items of the breakfast include traditional options like scrambled eggs, potatoes i.e. home fries, tater tots, hash browns etc. It also includes proteins like bacon and sausage. You will also find a container with mini pancakes, French toast sticks, and French toast.

Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that you are going o get great choice of decaffeinated and regular options along with variety of roasts ranging from dark to light. Sugar and cream will be placed next to the coffee canisters so that you can enjoy a rich coffee.

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