The Helium wallet is a famous choice for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts; however, like any other software, it can also encounter issues that prevent it from working correctly. If you are facing issues with your helium wallet, you can take multiple troubleshooting methods to resolve the issues.

What are the reasons for Helium Wallet not working?

Here are some common reasons for Helium Wallet not working.

  1. Network issues

An unstable or poor internet connection can prevent the wallet from working correctly. Ensure you have a stable internet connection before using the helium wallet.

  1. The outdated version of the Helium wallet

If you are using the outdated version of Helium Wallet, then it can result in software bugs and compatibility issues. Always make sure that you are regularly updating the wallet to the latest wallet version.

  1. Corrupted data or files

Data or files associated with the Helium wallet can often become corrupted and cause the wallet to malfunction. Always precise data and cache or reinstall the wallet if you are facing this type of issue.

  1. Software conflicts

Other software’s or applications which are running on the device may conflict with the Helium wallet and are causing it to not working. You should always close unnecessary programs and try to run the wallet again.

These are some common issues which you might face while running the helium wallet. However, if all else fails, then it is recommended to reach out to the Helium Wallet support team. For this, you can visit official Helium community forums that can provide further assistance.

These people are best equipped to resolve specific issues and can offer guidance according to your situation.

You should explain the issue you are facing in detail and also provide the relevant information which might help them to identify and resolve the issue.

The support team of Helium Wallet will work with you to fix the Helium Wallet not working error.


Always remember the steps specified in this guide are general suggestions, as the specific solution can vary based on the nature of the problem. It is recommended to refer to the official resources and the documentation provided by the Helium Wallet professionals for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Also if you are experiencing the issue with your helium wallet then you can follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in the guide for resolving the issue of ‘Helium Wallet Not Working’ and can get your wallet back to the track.

You can also contact thecustomer care service of Helium Wallet if you are unable to get the solution with any of the steps mentioned above. These professionals are expert people and will always help you to fix the issue within the official time limit. Make sure to send chaser to the email only when required as the professionals of Helium Wallet generally resolve the issue within 24 hours of raising the complaint. So, it is recommended to keep some patience and wait for your query resolution.

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